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Computemp 5 Accessories & Sensors


Rotary Switch Module

You may add up to 7 additional sensors to your Computemp which can monitor a variety of temperature readings in several locations. With this  


NOTE: When more than one sensor is used on any one channel, as with the rotary switch, probe wire lengths should be within 200' of each other for calibration purposes.

easy to install, plug-in rotary switch module you can adapt your Computemp to monitor temperatures of air, liquid, or mass. No additional parts are needed, simply disconnect one of your sensor wires and plug the module in the main or aux. port of your Computemp.

RSM    -    Computemp 5 Rotary Switch Module

shelter    -    Computemp 5 Shelter


Developed especially for those of you who have difficulty obtaining accurate temperature readings because of sun exposure or other inherent problems related to the temperature sensor  location. Even works in direct sun. Can be easily installed anywhere. Comes complete with all mounting hardware.
Assembled height 32".

No Longer Available



Air Sensor

With the ambient air sensor, you can monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures with ease. With the various lengths available you can monitor temperatures in your greenhouse, garden, orchard, storage buildings, confinement buildings and more.

Wine Temp Sensor

This sensor is a must for people with discerning wine tastes. Place the coated, sensor with it's attached cork in the neck of any water-filled wine bottle--the Computemp will then tell you the exact temperature of the wine in your wine cellar. And when you set your Computemp temperature alarm you'll be able to enjoy the full flavor of your favorite wine at its correct temperature.

No Longer Available

Pipe Type Sensors

If your application requires monitoring water temperature on one or more channels, you may want the pipe type sensors. The sensor with its clamp attachment must be placed on the appropriate pipe that leads to or away from your pool, spa, hot tub or solar application. Two sizes of clamps are available, for small (3/8" to 1 1/8" diameter) or large (1 1/4" to 2 3/4" diameter) pipes.

Stainless Steel Mass Sensor

When you want to monitor soil or other loose bulk temperatures, the mass probe will do the job accurately and reliably. Insert the 1/4-inch diameter, 8-inch long sensor into the mass that you wish to monitor and the readings will appear on your Computemp, enabling you to keep an easy check on temperatures in aquariums, hay bales or compost piles. The mass probe is stainless steel so it also can safely monitor food temperatures.

Small Pipe Sensors  (3/8" to 1 1/8" dia)
No Longer Available
Large Pipe Sensors  (1 1/4" to 2 3/4" dia)  
No Longer Available