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Home  Electric Ultraviolet Fly Traps

Paraclipse Electric Fly Traps

You have seen them in restaurants everywhere. Now you can purchase them for your home, office, barn, manufacturing facility– wherever flying insects bother you!


The Paraclipse Fly Patrol is the ultimate home decorative fly control system. Yet it is also powerful enough for light commercial use. Its small size enables it to comfortably blend into the decor of any home or small restaurant or dining area. The Paraclipse™ Fly Patrol uses a highly effective combination of special UV light, attractants and trapping surface to trap flying insects. Its patented automatic advance 30 day cartridge is capable of eliminating large quantities of flies.

Fly Patrol Fly Trap

The Paraclipse Insect Inn Ultra is the inconspicuous, commercial fly control system that works. Its patented auto advance cartridge lasts 60 days and can capture over 2000 flies! The Insect Inn Ultra™ is available in one lamp or two-lamp models. This wall mounted unit, which doubles as an attractive decorative light fixture, is an effective, environmentally safe way to control flies. The Insect Inn Ultra™ meets all USDA and FDA guidelines.

Paraclipse Insect Inn Ultra Two

Paraclipse Insect Inn Ultra Two

The Paraclipse Terminator is a commercial/industrial multi-function portable fly trap. Because its ingenious design utilizes two lamps and UV Booster Reflectors, the Paraclipse™ Terminator attracts flies from both sides of the unit. The unit may be used free-standing or suspended from the ceiling. Its high volume 60-day cartridge system traps 20 times more flies than glueboard units.

Paraclipse Terminator Fly Trap



Unsolicited testimony from a satisfied customer:

“During the summer months we have extensive problems in the paint building with flying insects sticking to wet paint before it dries...Terminator... grabbed it and plugged it hour later not a single painted part got ruined by flying insects. In one day, that one unit, saved us several hundreds of dollars in rework and it helps us avoid missed shipments!”